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Homes; Organized, Uncluttered, Staged, and Enhanced!

     It's always time to get (and keep) your home organized:

You CAN have an uncluttered home you're proud of, where you can quickly access your 'stuff', AND it's customized to YOUR needs!

         This efficiency can be realized with a professional home organizer, minimal effort, and within a tight budget! 

Time to sell your home?  Stage it first!:

'Don't want to move out while it's on the market?  By using your furnishings (with possibly a few provided enhancements), we will de-clutter, organize and stage it for you. We'll even provide you with the tools to minimize the ongoing upkeep during the selling process.

That's efficiency; plus it's time, effort, and money saving!

(Payment at close of escrow is an option.)

Vacant Home Staging:

Need to move out and leave your home (or have an investment property) vacant?  We can customize staging. This can range from a full house staging event -or- only staging main rooms. Reminder: Spaces devoid of staging can easily mystify or completely fail to engage potential buyers.

(Payment at close of escrow is an option.)

Unpacking, Organizing and Staging:

You're moving to a newly rented or purchased home. All of your 'things' will be packed by you, friends, family or professional movers. It's a GREAT time to get your new home not just unpacked. 

It's time to get it  organized and beautifully staged!



House with Red Door

How it works:

  • We discuss your home staging and/or organization concerns and vision.

  • We discuss your level of hands-on assistance.

  • You're provided with a detailed plan of action and comprehensive quote.

  • You sign a Services to be Performed Agreement.

  • Your home staging and/or organization vision is fulfilled.

  • Space organization payment: Project duration dependent; at time of project completion or in increments.

  • Staging payment: May be made at project completion or at close of escrow. (Agreement dependent.)


Staging for Resell:

Vacant or

Owner Occupied

New homeowner unpacked and ready for every day living!

This 2 car garage wouldn't allow for even 1 car to be parked inside.  The homeowners found it increasingly difficult to locate or access their belongings. Cost:

Labor + $77. in supplies = $347.

Organizing: Every day living or Home Sell

We are amazed by the work Kathryn and her team do! Not only was the pricing well in line with our budget, we saved time and effort not having to move while our house was being sold. We would absolutely recommend - zero doubt!

Kristina M.

We went to work, and so did Kathryn! By the time we got home we could actually park in the garage! We're looking forward to getting the rest of the house organized! She is wonderful to work with; listens, stays within budget, and at last we can quickly find things!

James and Jasmine R.

I thought I was pretty organized...Then I chatted with Kathryn and got excited about what could be done to make housekeeping easier. There really IS a lot to be said for 'everything in your home should have a home'. Wow! Housekeeping, well, everything, got sooo much easier! Thanks, Kathryn!

Angela D.



Customized Projects and Pricing

(After all, who doesn't love transparency?)

It all sounds great!  But, how much is it going to cost? Candidly, that's going to depend on a lot of factors, mainly the scope of the project. Such as:  The homeowners' length of decision making process for each item in need of a new resting or storage space. (Does the item get tossed, recycled, re-purposed, donated, gifted, stored...?).  Storage space availability - at or away from your home. Level of homeowner assistance, etc... Labor can be paid for by the hour and/or by the project - even as a combination of the two! 

Organizing. De-cluttering. Downsizing:

The hourly rate is $35 to $65 per hour, project scope dependent. If a lot of discussion between resident and labor team is anticipated, or if the project is quite large / very time consuming, we are happy to quote and bill you by the project. 


Occupied home:  This is a project most likely requiring 'de-cluttering', organizing, some packing, and possibly some decorative enhancements being brought in. Pricing will depend on:

* The size and the level of 'readiness for staging' of your occupied home.

* If / how many enhancements need to be brought in. (Items to be removed prior to close of escrow.)

* The amount and size of furnishings requiring movement, etc. (Most commonly, this is only a consideration with over-sized furnishings.) When a home is relatively clutter-free and fairly organized, on average the process will take 1.5 days at a cost of $565 (includes up front 'to-do report). The service fee can be paid at project completion, at the close of escrow, or a combination of the two.

Note: We also provide re-staging services prior to an Open House at an average cost of $55. per visit.

The staging of vacant homes is priced on a case by case basis with the client's budget, the home's architecture, and the needs of the real estate market in mind. In order to reduce the rental fees to our clients, we supply the decorative enhancements. (There may be fees for furniture rental.)

     We are also happy to provide partial home staging. This typically includes the living room, master bedroom, dining area, laundry room, kitchen and bathrooms. And, of course, we suggest you include 'difficult for buyers to define' spaces (such as; large nooks, rooms without closets, converted rooms, overly wide or narrow rooms, etc.).

(Note: Due to the decorative enhancements being provided from our inventory at little or no charge, the cost is typically 30% to 50% lower than our competitors!)

Unpacking, organizing and staging for every day living:

Pricing will depend on two major factors; the amount of belongings, and the level of organization of the items being unpacked, organized, arranged and staged.  An average sized 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on average will cost $750. and will take +/- 3 days.

Consultation for:  Space organization. Do-it-Yourself (DIY). Staging for every day living:

Up to two hours on-site consultation / evaluation includes detailed written report =  $165. If client chooses to have The Efficient H.O.U.S.E. do some (or all) of the work, a quote will be provided.

Note:  Third party contractors (cleaners, painters...) may be suggested. You will be billed directly by them.

As with all of our services, pricing and billing can be customized.

Simplified staging is a way to reduce cost while still creating impact!

            (As seen in this mountain top owner-occupied home.)



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Staging is needed before going on the resell market!

         (To make the 1st impression really count!)

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